FIDIC Certified Contract Manager

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Ondřej Vaněček


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A FIDIC Certified Contract Manager is a senior-level professional capable of demonstrating knowledge of, and an ability to apply and manage the provisions of the following FIDIC publications related to the management of contracts during its project lifecycle:

FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction – Red Book (1999 and 2017 edition)
FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant & Design-Build – Yellow Book (1999 and 2017 edition)
FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC Turnkey Projects – Silver Book (1999 and 2017 edition)
FIDIC Golden Principles (2019)
As a FIDIC Certified Contract Manager, the individual also has basic understanding and awareness of all other FIDIC Body of Knowledge (FBOK) documents, as described on the FIDIC website (www.fidic.org) and in particular, the FIDIC Procurement Procedure Guide (1st edition 2011).

Skills/Knowledge Tags

FIDIC Contract Management
Define/identify the contract participants
Assist in the contractual strategy
Manage and allocate risk
Prepare the conditions of the contract
Advise on the procurement process
Draft letter of award
Draft contract agreement
Draft notice of commencement date
administer the advance payment process
review the advance payment guarantee
Review performance security
Control and monitor time
Monitor the contractors progress on site
Apply/defend delay damages
apply the advance warning systems
Instruct suspensions
Instruct/manage variations
Administer/advise on the contract termination process
Administer the contractual matter for quality contril and quality assurance
Drafting notices
Conducting monthly progress meetings
Prepare/review the monthly progress report
Perform financial control of the work contract
Administer the final payment
Administer the claims process
Administer the dispute process
Administer the project closeout phase
Return of performace security
Site clearing by the contractor

Issued on

11, Dec 2023

Valid till

10, Dec 2026

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